Energizing life for our customers is the purpose behind everything we do. Delivering the life-sustaining and life-enhancing products and services our customers depend on is our very reason for existing and it drives us forward as we continually renew our commitment to stewardship. Meeting the interests and needs of all our stakeholders begins with rates that are among the lowest in the nation and continues with OG&E working to serve the needs of our customers and communities – and becoming an industry leader in emissions reductions, and so much more, in the process. (For your convenience, you can now download all of the infographics from this page in poster or booklet form.)

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OG&E's rates are more than 30% below the national average






Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) is expanding its partnership with the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City to increase diversity in the energy industry. OG&E’s foundation, the OGE Energy Corp Foundation, Inc., awarded a $175,000 grant to the Urban League, and OG&E will work with the nonprofit to provide energy industry training and create awareness of career opportunities with OG&E and its contractors.

Please visit our Stewardship Activities page for additional stories about what OG&E is doing to improve our communities.

Emissions Reductions 2005-2019

SO2 lower by ~90%

NOx lower by ~75%

CO2 lower by >40%



Expected Emissions Reductions by 2030

CO2 lower by ~50% over 2005 levels

2019 Power Plant Emissions

NOx: 8,386 tons

SO2: 2,764 tons

CO2: 13,319,513 tons
(12,130,523 metric tonnes CO2e)

Mercury: 30 lbs (14 kg)

2019 Carbon Intensity Rate*

1,217 pounds CO2e/gross MWh
(0.55 metric tons CO2e/gross MWh)

* The carbon intensity rate expresses calendar year CO2 emissions intensity within OG&E’s operational boundary. It combines gross electric generation from the solar, wind and fossil-fueled facilities the company owns and operates with continuously monitored CO2 emissions from the fossil-fueled facilities the company owns and operates.

Energy Saved Due to Energy Efficiency Programs

~155,700 MWh/year

Emissions Avoided due to energy efficiency programs

21 tons SO2/year
64 tons NOx/year
103,000 tons CO2e/year

Total Water (2019)

Withdrawn: 18,472 million gallons

Returned: 17,287 million gallons (93.6%)

Consumed: 8,820 million gallons


Water reused from municipal wastewater treatment systems (2019)

2,606 million gallons

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

Social Stewardship

We embrace the uniqueness of each of our employees.

Corporate Governance

We adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Fact Sheets/ Downloads

Quick facts about our ESG efforts to view online or print and go.

EEI ESG Template

EEI/AGA developed ESG/sustainability reporting template w/OGE Energy data.

OGE Energy Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics focuses on how we at OGE Energy should conduct business.

Total Customers


Residential Customers


Avg. 2019 electrical rate (/ kWh)


2019 Electricity Delivered (millions of MWh)


Commercial Customers


Avg. 2019 electrical rate (/ kWh)


2019 Electricity Delivered (millions of MWh)


Industrial Customers


Avg. 2019 electrical rate (/ kWh)


2019 Electricity Delivered (millions of MWh)


Other Retail Customers


Avg. 2019 electrical rate (/ kWh)


2019 Electricity Delivered (millions of MWh)

Electricity generated (2019)

17 million MWh

92%/fossil fuels


Electricity purchased (2019)

14 million MWh

Length of transmission lines

~5,400 route miles

Length of Distribution Lines

~55,600 conductor miles

Grid Resiliency (2019)

SAIDI: 134.39

CAIDI: 171.01

SAIFI: .7858

Economic & Community Development

Partnership with our community leaders in the areas of economic and community development, led to the creation of 5,400 new jobs, $1.5 billion in capital investment and 175 MW of new load within the OG&E service area in 2019


OG&E’s 2019 TRIR of 0.89 continued the trend of last four years being the safest four years in company history.

Board Diversity

Winning “W” Company by 2020 Women on Boards for achieving and maintaining 20% women on Board of Directors

2019 Coal Combustion Products

89% of coal combustion products were beneficially reused in 2019