OG&E Member at Power Plant

Our Culture

Our pride is embodied in our vision, mission, values and beliefs.

Ask an OGE Energy Corp. member about the company’s culture, and you’ll get a variety of responses. For some it’s about supplying and delivering a vital product—electricity-that ensures the safety, security and well-being of those around us. For others, it’s about supporting and giving back to the communities we serve through social and environmental responsibility. And for others still it’s about innovation in the way we deliver energy by offering customers a variety of options for where their electricity comes or helping them use energy wisely so they can better manage their household budget.

But no matter which OGE Energy member you ask, one word stands out: PRIDE.

We’re proud that the energy we deliver gives people comfort, safety and security. We’re proud that we live and work in Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas and support the communities we serve. We’re proud of our strong record of low-cost, reliable power—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—and our ability to respond safely, effectively and efficiently when our communities face emergency situations such as severe storms or manmade disasters.

Public Service in Action

The hours are long, and the work is challenging, but the System Construction Team at OG&E finds a way to give back, year after year—with 100 percent volunteer participation for three years running.

Teamwork in Action

OG&E has supported rowing on the Oklahoma River since the inception of the Boathouse District in 2005. In 2015, the Head of the Oklahoma, four days of rowing events, kicked off with the OG&E-sponsored Nightsprints. OG&E’s River Dogs came to win.