OG&E Linemen at Work

Company Overview

OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE: OGE), headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, is a domestic energy delivery company that includes electric transmission and distribution and energy services operations. OGE Energy is the parent company of Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company (OG&E), a regulated electric utility. OGE Energy also owns a 25.6 percent limited partner interest and 50 percent general partner interest in Enable Midstream Partners, LP, (NYSE: ENBL) a publicly traded master limited partnership it jointly controls with CenterPoint Energy. OGE Energy and its predecessor companies have been in business for more than 116 years.

OGE Energy maintains a strong financial position with consistent earnings growth and increasing dividends for our shareholders. The company:

  • pursues multiple avenues to build its business
  • maintains a diversified asset position
  • develops a wide range of skills to respond to industry changes
  • provides products and services to customers efficiently
  • manages risks effectively
  • maintains strong regulatory and legislative relationships

We are proud to be one of a select group of utilities that has never reduced our dividend since going public in 1947—that is 69 years of consecutive dividend payments—and we’ve increased our dividend for the last 11 consecutive years.

Who We Are

Many of our employees have been with us for 25, 30 or even 40 years. Their loyalty says a lot about how our company operates and what it stands for.

Our Vision

The industry leader with a passion for helping customers, developing members and delivering stockholder value.

Our Mission

Safely provide reliable electricity and related services vital to our communities at a reasonable cost.

Our Values and Beliefs

We fulfill our vision, mission, values and beliefs in our actions both at work and at home.


Individual Safety and Well-being

We advocate attitudes and actions that promote individual safety, health and success.


We operate our business openly and communicate in a clear, candid and timely manner.


We work together to achieve shared goals and objectives.


We treat others justly and consider their views in the decisions we make.


We conduct ourselves in an honest, fair and trustworthy manner.

Public Service

We give our time and energy to better the communities where we live and work.


Live Safely

I protect myself and others from injury by constant engagement, always living safely.

Achieve Together

I reach out to others across the company so we can achieve more.

Shared Trust

I commit to acting in a manner that cultivates trust.

Value Diversity & Inclusion

I embrace the uniqueness of each individual to make us a stronger and more resourceful organization.

Take Charge

I am accountable to deliver our key results, mentor others and manage my career.

Unleash Potential

I get superior results by applying innovative thoughts and constant self-improvement.

Values Matter

I model OGE’s values in everything I do.

Individual Safety and Well-being

We’re committed to achieving an incident-and-injury-free workplace for our members, as well as a safe environment for our customers and communities. We believe that even one accident is too many, and we take steps to make sure that all our members, wherever they work, return home safely each day and that our customers have the knowledge and information they need to stay safe.


We were recognized as one of the 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in the Nation by Forbes magazine in 2017 in a large part due to our commitment to transparency. Clear, candid and timely communications with members, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other key stakeholders contribute to the achievement of our goals to provide reliable service at reasonable rates.


It takes teamwork to generate and deliver power to customers living and working across 30,000 square miles of service territory in Oklahoma and western Arkansas and to build and maintain a system across 11 states that moves natural gas from wellheads to energy markets.


We value our relationships with our customers, members, suppliers and other key stakeholders. By listening to each other we develop innovative solutions that produce greater benefits.


OGE Energy Corp. has a strong reputation for integrity, earned one day at a time by the thousands of people who have worked under the OGE banner since 1902. Our commitment to integrity is especially embodied in how we comply with the many laws, rules and regulations that apply to our work. We act with integrity and show respect to ourselves, our coworkers, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders and other key stakeholders by speaking up and conducting ourselves in an honest, fair and trustworthy manner.

Public Service

We are very connected to the communities we serve and where our employees live and work. Public service is one of the core values that underpins our efforts to grow our communities. Each year, OG&E’s ad valorem payments, which are among the largest in our state, benefit our schools and communities. Our foundation donates millions of dollars to worthy causes, and our employee donations place our United Way campaign among the top campaigns in our area. Members also spend more than 20,000 hours annually, giving their time and energy to a number of nonprofit and civic organizations. Much of that time is part of our paid time off for participation in community volunteering and leadership.